It is my privilege to offer sessions in gentle energywork and blended energywork + massage. Regular, ongoing sessions will provide you with the most benefit because the effects are cumulative.

I love seeing clients as they improve and feel better so I have priced the sessions in the hope that you can begin a treatment schedule. If you're not interested in or not ready to start a treatment schedule, that's perfectly fine. Sometimes we just need a quick respite to be tended to or a one-time maintenance session. If cost is a factor preventing you from receiving regular treatments, please ask me if a sliding scale space is available. Currently enrolled UC Davis students receive a 10% discount.

I am available after 5:00pm on weekday evenings. If my availability does not match yours, please contact me and let's see what else might work. I share a studio in the lovely garden setting of the Davis Village Homes community at 2655 Portage Bay East, #3. Parking is free and on-site. To schedule an appointment, please email me at or call / text 916.900.1682.  I look forward to working with you to feel better and in greater balance in all aspects of your life!


Reiki and Healing Touch are related forms of gentle, calming energywork that support the parasympathetic nervous system (our 'rest and digest' system) and are excellent complements to Western medicine. Energy treatments may benefit a wide range of issues including pre- and post-surgery situations, emotional and physical trauma, grief, anxiety, sleep difficulties, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and chronic pain. Current and archived research studies can be found here. In addition to reduced symptoms, my clients often feel rejuvenated with a greater sense of peace, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. Reiki/HT is done on a massage table, fully clothed, while you comfortably lie on your back, stomach, or side (your choice).

A 60-minute session is $65.

A prepaid package of 3 sessions is $180.

Other ways to receive energywork:

Tandem massage/Reiki sessions - $65 - you and a friend!

Gentle Reiki clinic - $20 (scholarship funds available) - Variety of days/times available

Community Reiki circle - $10 - 1st Sunday of every month


Blended energywork + massage sessions give you the best of both modalities. We start with you face down on the massage table (undressed to your level of comfort) so you can receive a relaxing gentle massage on your back, shoulders, legs, and feet. The massage is done with a light, non-allergenic jojoba-based oil. Then you turn over and receive a deeply therapeutic energywork session tailored to your specific needs.

A 60-minute session is $75.

A prepaid package of 3 sessions is $210.